If a blog is posted and no one reads it

great blog contentThis a variation of the famous “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” While the answer to the latter question is a philosophical one, the answer to the former is: NO.

There are approximately 152 million blog sites on the internet with about 1.13 million blog posts per day. So all the hard work you put into making  great blog content, it will probably go unnoticed unless you have a faith following – but even then people can be busy…

How to Repurpose Your Great Blog Content

Theses are hints that come from Pat Flynn on ways to repurpose your content by creating several different types of postings.

1. Read Your Post Word for Word and Create an Audio File
See a previous post for more information

2. Create an Infographic Related to Your Content

3. Create Social Media Cards with Direct Quotes from Your Post
Easier than an infographic, post them on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

4. Create a SlideShare Presentation
Publish it on SlideShare.net

5. Use Content as Talking Points for a Live Stream

6. Create a Book from the Blog Post Series
Currently doing this for: The Inside Story: A History of the Microbiology Department

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