Digital Branding and Engagement #2


Following on from the previous blog about the Curtin University edX course  Digital Branding and Engagement, the third module: Owned Media Assets was about corporate websites, blogs, email newsletters and social media channels. These media assets included story-telling and gamification of the message. An excellent example of this is the video “Dumb ways to die” by Melbourne METRO.

The fourth module was about Earned Media or brand engagement. This aspect is the hardest to achieve since it requires a degree of advocacy by others in the form of reviews, cites in blogs, editorials, word-of-mouth and uncontrolled social media channels. If you can get advocates, then you are on a winner — see previous post.

Two examples of earned media are:  STA Travel – WanderAustralia ad — which increased the domestic travel by 22% of young Australians

and Happy South Africa — published on 9 Jun 2014, Happy South Africa is a civil movement powered by Sunlight and Mxit, celebrating South Africa’s vibrancy, unity and joy through music and dance. Inspired by Pharrell Williams, everyone who shares the video on YouTube, SUNLIGHT WILL DONATE R10.00 to the SA Ubuntu Foundation. Thousands of moves. Hundreds of cities. One UNITED South Africa!

The Google+ (MKT1x community) assignment part of this edX course was very successful. There was good participation by the class. We were asked for postings to the Google+ community examples of the different types of brand marketing and we were also encouraged to take part in the discussions.

Digital Branding and Engagement


I recently completed an edX course from Curtin University, Western Australia on Digital Branding and Engagement with a grade of 95%. I must confess that when I enrolled I had a low expectation for the course. I expected it to be Marketing 101. I didn’t understand the  power and pervasiveness of digital branding. Yes, we all know how important the digital world has become but perhaps not how it is being used to capture the hearts and minds of vulnerable people for commercial purposes.

The Curtin University edX course on Digital Branding and Engagement consisted of four modules. The first module was on; The Digital Consumer — which explored the role of social media in consumer participation and engagement — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The second module examined Content Marketing — creating content value and distributing it to target audiences. Content marketing is not new and the video below gives a brief history of it into the digital age.

Then there has to be that classic video clip by Steve Jobs explaining the “Think Different” marketing.


Word of Mouth Marketing

No matter how good your book or ‘voice or brand’ is — it could do with some marketing. What is the best form of marketing? Word of Mouth

What is the best way to get WOM? Brand Advocate

What is a brand advocate? They are type of customer that goes out of their way to stand up for your brand. They are enduringly loyal while recommending and believing in you. The bottom line is that they are a rare breed with a big voice and unlimited power of persuasion.

Did you know that 92% of global consumers trust the word of friends and family over any other form of advertising and advocates are twice as likely to recommend your brand then a typical customer?

So what is the secret to building advocates? Consistency.

– Consistently deliver superior content

– Consistently deliver stellar customer feedback

– Consistently deliver excellent customer experience


Check out to discover more!

Is Content King?

I have been preoccupied with two deaths in the family and have not been keeping up with the blog posts. I did come across an excellent PowerPoint presentation about web content – the bottom-line is that if people don’t get to see it, it might as well not have been written. The same applies to an eBook.