Not getting website traffic?

Not getting (enough) traffic to your website?

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About Ramit

Paraphrasing from Ramit Sethi…

The most common mistake people make when they’re starting an online business is the idea that “if you build it, people will come”.  Then, without even hesitating or seeing if anyone would actually pay them for their idea, they jump right into the tactics. They get a domain, a website and start writing hundreds of blog posts.

And then, after two or three months, what happens on their site?

Nothing at all. Virtually no traffic.

Most people do this because it’s easy to sit around building websites and printing business cards all day.

It’s actually harder to go out and talk to people to see what they want.

Don’t build the website first. And don’t even think about what product you’re going to build or how you’re going to price it and package it just yet.

The first thing to do is understand:

  • Who is my customer?
  • What do they want?
  • What does my competition look like and say?
  • And why should people come to you for a solution?

Okay you alreadt have a business idea and a website, what should you do next — build up a subscription list to get those valuable emails – (see previous post). There is nothing better than an email list for your business.

Here are  three good reasons for this:

  1. Email outperforms every other marketing channel online. Don’t listen to experts telling you about Instagram and Pinterest and all these random channels. Email outperforms them all.
  2. You own your email list. Google and Facebook can change their rules anytime. But they can’t touch your list. It’s your asset. And most importantly, it’s your relationship with readers.
  3. An email list can scale. You don’t need much more effort to sell to 10,000 people than you do to sell to 10 people. That is scalability.

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