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Pat Flynn is well known for his podcasts and smart passive income (SPI). This blog is about Pat Flynn’s redesigning of his website. Usually one makes incremental, evolutionary changes to one’s website, but there are times when one needs a redesign. Finding one’s ‘voice’ is often such an occasion to refocus the website.

In the podcast about his website (SPI 208), Pat first deals with what worked. The ’start here’ page drew most of the traffic and from there viewers were channelled, depending on their needs to different pages. On his redesigned website he uses ‘filters’ to do this. The other thing that worked well was the ’Resources’ page which provided access to a wide range of helpful web links, again ‘filtered’ links are used depending on the need.

For those of us who spend time posting blogs, we know that most of the truly great blogs are buried somewhere in the archives. Usually only the five most recent blog posts are shown. Ways need to be found to display these featured posts using tags and categories, etc. The search engine in WordPress is not very good, finding keywords which are often out of context from what is required.

In summary the redesigned website is much improved with plenty of open white-spaces and the horizontal filter bar works well on a desktop. Unfortunately, only 14% of the internet usage comes from desktops.  On a tablet or smartphone the filter bar becomes vertical and unresponsive.  I think that the redesign could have been much improved if the focus was on a smartphones-first, then considerations made as to how it would look on a desktop.

Here is a mash-up of his SPI podcast session # 208

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