On making podcasts

Pat Flynn is someone well worthwhile following if you want to lift your game.

An example is his excellent tutorial on podcasting. You can either visit his blog or his   YouTube Playlist for the 6 Videos.

He does give a very important piece of advice at the beginning:

The ONE Thing You Must Do Before You Start Podcasting

Podcasting is extremely fun and exciting, but there is one thing you must do before you start podcasting:


You must internally commit to podcasting, as you must do with anything that is potentially beneficial but takes some time and effort to do. You have to say to yourself: “This is something I’m going to do, and this is something I’m going to keep doing.” It’s easy to get excited about the potential of podcasting and what it can do for you and your brand. The possibilities are endless, but only if you keep at it. My best advice is to enjoy every single part of it. Once you start thinking, “Ugh, I have to record another episode soon,” that’s when you should remember why you starting podcasting in the first place. Results take time, so you might as well enjoy it.

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