The publishing of ‘Winter of Discontent’

This book has published in August, 2013 and is now available from leading eBook distributors around the world — the above link is to the Amazon BookStore. Some of you may be interested as to the steps taken to publish the book.

Tony provided me with the equivalent of a WORD document and I proceeded in roughly the following way:

  1. ┬áPrinted out the WORD document — to get a sense of how Tony wanted it to appear.
  2. The WORD file was converted to a txt file — absolutely all formatting removed.
  3. Using PAGES opened an epub template (the Apple equivalent of WORD).
  4. Copied and pasted from the txt file into the template sections, grabbing images from the WORD.doc — original high resolution jpeg or tiff files are also required.
  5. Exported the PAGES file to an epub document (at this stage there was some editing and reformatting for Tony to do).
  6. For the Kindle mobi format, opened Calibre (a free conversion programme) and converted the epub format to a mobi format.

The final step for publishing with BookBaby was to send them a final copy of a formatted PAGES document which they converted to epub and mobi formats using their in-house software. They then sent a final proof for sign off — they handle all the distribution to Amazon, iBook, Scrib, Sony, Kobos, etc — and manage the collection of payments, etc.

Since the final proof had no DRM, it is possible to give away copies to your friends and to even sell copies on your website, etc — there are no distribution restrictions. The only ‘protection’ you have for your work is the fact that it is already widely distributed world-wide through the BookBaby network and it is unlikely that someone would make much money by trying to pirate your work — in any case, it is my view ‘better read than dead’.

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