What is your Unfair Advantage?

Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn has a very successful online business known as SmartPassiveIncome (SPI) and when asked what advice he would give to someone just starting out, he replied:

Use your unfair advantage. An unfair advantage is a skill, experience or asset that you have that no one else or few others have — it is your competitive edge – for example:

1. The People You Know
The connections you have made over time — through work, clubs, social networks and work colleagues. Your address book of contacts.

2. Your Experience
What you have been through — work, career path, your hands on knowledge of the world.

3. Your Story And How You Tell it
We all have a story to tell. Stories are incredible marketing tools. Your stories should always be true and if you have a good one, tell it and use it to your advantage.

4. Your Personality: Your Ability to Connect with Others
Out of the 7 billion people in this world, you are uniquely you. If you have a personality that people can easily connect with — don’t be afraid to use it. Injecting any kind of personality into your business is an advantage.

5. Your Specialisation: What you Know
It is not just the skills and experiences that you have to offer that can give you a competitive edge, it can also be the fact that you can serve a more specialised segment of a particular market. Remember the phrase: The Riches are in the Niches.

This advice applies to businesses in general and also to self-publishing, which after all is a business.

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