Will It Fly: Book Review


This is a book review on Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn that was posted on Amazon. Pat Flynn is the well known entrepreneur of smartpassiveincome.com. He was featured on the previous posting about self-publishing.

I’m not a “Pat Flynn” groupie. I am a retired academic molecular biologist trying my hand at online publishing. I have enjoyed following Pat’s podcasts and frequently read his blog on smart passive income. I would give Pat the man, podcaster, blogger, motivator, entrepreneur par excellence, five stars. But this is a book review and although it is a good book, it doesn’t live up to all the groupie hype.

Pat is a family man and is a good father to his 5 year-old son giving him plenty of positive feedback and praise for the things he does — making paper airplanes. But that kind of praise in the book: “I’m proud of you”, “once again, you’re doing an amazing job”, “making your future life amazing”,  “ it’s truly been a pleasure to be part of this journey with you”, etc — is off-putting. Also there is an evangelical tone to parts of the book — about serving your customer: “when you serve you get paid back in return”. This flies in the face of the minions that serve and are poorly paid, if at all.

The first part of the book and the exercises  didn’t seem to have anything to do with the question: will this business succeed? It is the super-market version of self-help 101. Using Google-docs to keep track of your research is elementary and the customer P.L.A.N. is ??? The good part of the book began at Part 4 (65% thru the book) the validation process. It seems the act of someone paying you money for your ‘product’ is the essence of validation. All else pales by comparison. Maybe, but I have paid for some shonky products bought off the internet and I shudder to think I had ‘validated’ someone’s business plan. The use of email marketing in the five case studies presented was very enlightening and informative. Also the resources section provides a useful guide. These sections are worth the price of the book. The free ‘Companion Course’ in my opinion, did not fly.

Overall, I am pleased I bought and read the book. It gave me a much clearer and richer picture of Pat Flynn, the man

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