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The BASIC plan — we will set-up a domain name and a website on our preferred hosting service which is Bluehost  using WordPress.. We will provide you with training — either one-on-one or via Skype to get you up and running with your own content. There are plenty of on-line tutorials which we can recommend as well as our specific individual tuition. At the end of this you will have your own fully functioning website and/or blog — basically if you can do WORD you can run a website.

The one-off set-up cost is: $500

The Maintenance Plan — The a Service Level Agreement (SLA)  provides for a one-hour consultation per month, the maintaining of the security and the software updates of the site, providing a monthly analysis of the website traffic, and a full off-site backup of all your files. If you want you can have a copy of all the files on your home computer.

The monthly cost is $30. You will soon realise once you have built your website that there is an on-going commitment to keep it up-to-date — to add new features and make improvements. The SLA provides for this on-going support for your website and keeping you informed as to the latest developments and best practice. It is one thing to build a website but it can become an albatross around your neck if it is not maintained — the SLA is designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

For a Brief History of Building Websites